Describe Image PTE Templates

Describe Image PTE Templates– Pearson Test of English (PTE) is conducted by Pearson PLC Group. This test is the most trusted English Language Test for Indian students who want to migrate to foreign countries. The students who are looking forward to applying to International Universities and Colleges appear in this test.

This test assesses non-native English speakers’s Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills. It is also accepted by many International Countries like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, and New Zealand.


The PTE test is the same as the IELTS test. The only difference between them is that the PTE test is completely computer-based and the marking of this test is done using AI. In both the tests, the examiner checks the verbal communication skills of a candidate in terms of fluency, pronunciation, confidence, and vocabulary used by the candidate in speaking.


The Describe Image PTE is a part of the speaking module of the PTE test. So in this blog we will discuss: Describe Image PTE Templates that will help you in your PTE Exam.

In PTE Academics, there are 5 forms of describing the images. The examiner gives you any one type of topic and 25 seconds to prepare for it. After that, the students have to speak for about 40 seconds to explain their viewpoints on the given topic. 


Key Details:

Before preparing for the speaking of Describe Image PTE, the essential information that needs to know is:-


Each Describe Image-  15 marks

Preparation time- 25 seconds

Time limit to answer- 35 to 40 seconds

No negative marking

Marks based on- Content(5), Pronunciation(5), and Oral Fluency(5)

Types of Images-  Bar Graph, Pie chart, Line Graph, Flow chart, and Maps.


How Describe Image PTE Speaking is Scored?

A student can score good marks in Image Description Speaking. If they use good content, have clear voice quality, use correct grammar and vocabulary, and have fluency in speaking. Before discussing various forms of describe Image PTE templates in the Speaking Section, it’s important to discuss how Describe Image PTE Speaking is Scored. 

The general scoring system in PTE speaking is as follows:-


Scores Reason
0 When a candidate does not know about the topic
1 If a candidate speaks irrelevantly related to the topic
2 Test-taker mentions only one key element in the   image and directly comes to the conclusion
3 If you describe most of the parts of the image but not all and refer to the conclusion
4 The student also explains the relation of every part with each other
5 The candidate uses correct sentence formation, vocabulary, and pronunciation and clearly explains each element


Types of Describe Image PTE Templates in Speaking Section:

There are 6 types of PTE speaking modules of image description and these are:-


1. Bar Graph

Bar Graph is the best type of Image description PTE speaking as most of the students take it as an easy one. Because Bar Graphs depict all the information logically which helps the student in scoring good marks. It also includes some factors like similarities, differences, and comparisons which students can use in elaborating their viewpoints.


Describe Image PTE template for Bar Graph

In Bar Graph, the student can easily talk about the concepts like:-

  1. The Bar Graph describes the information about (TOPIC).
  2. As we can see from Graph, the highest figure is (NAME)
  3. And the lowest figure is (NAME)
  4. Now, if we compare the highest figure (NAME) with the lowest figure (NAME), we can conclude (INFORMATION)
  5. In conclusion, we can say that the (NAME) is more than (NAME)


2. Pie Chart

In Pie Chart, a structured circular graphic is divided into many slides that depict numerical information. By assessing the data a candidate can explain the highest and lowest figures. After that, they can talk about the similarities and differences of the slide data.


Describe Image PTE template for Pie Chart

In Pie Chart the student can easily talk about the concepts like:-

  1. The Pie Chart represents the information about (TOPIC).
  2. As we can see from Pie Chart that the largest share is (FIGURE) which is of (NAME)
  3. However, the lowest share occupied by (NAME)
  4. Now, if we compare the highest part (Name) with the lowest part (NAME), we can conclude (INFORMATION)
  5. In conclusion, (SIMILARITY/DIFFERENCE).


3. Line Graph

In the PTE Academic, Line Graph is also among the types of Describe Image PTE speaking. It has 3 forms that are:-


  • Single Line – Depicts the data about only one variable
  • Parallel Line – These are those lines that never intersect and form the same angle when they cross another line.
  • Cross/Multiple Line – This Line Graph has more than two dependent variables on the graph. And it is compared with a single independent variable.


Describe Image PTE template for Line Graph

The most important part of this is to explain the trends clearly:-

it gradually rose by……..

the number gradually increased to/decreased by……..”

“The figures show the variation………”

“The number gradually increased to reach…….”


So, the examiner gives any form of line graph to the student and they have to explain it by applying their knowledge and English speaking ability. 


4. Maps

This form of speaking template is the most interesting as the student finds it easy to talk about the highlights of the image.

For Example, the examiner gives the map of the grocery store to the student.  


Describe Image PTE template for Map

So the student can talk about the highlights of Map Template as:-

  1. The map provides the information (Title)
  2. There are various places on the Map like (Location)
  3. If I speak about the location of (Location), it is in the (Direction).
  4. The most attractive part of the store is (Name).
  5. Lastly, to conclude (Facts/Trends)


5. Flow chart

A flowchart is a picture that shows the steps of a process in sequential order. The process may be of a project plan, manufacturing, or services. That provides a breakdown to solve the problems. 

The candidate after evaluating the flow chart explains the steps process one by one to the examiner. After that, the examiner evaluates the performance of the student and gives the score.


Describe Image PTE template for Flow Chart

The various tips to explain flow chart in series are:-

  1. To begin, We can see that the flow diagram gives the process of (Title)
  2. There are various steps in the flow chart
  3. In the first step (explain the first process)
  4. Moving further, it is converted/transferred to the next step (explain the second process)
  5. It is further developed into (the third process)
  6. Finally, in the last (talks about the last process)


Tips to Secure High Marks in Describe the Image of PTE Templates:


There are various tips that a student should keep in mind to secure high marks in Image Description of PTE speaking and these tips are:-

  1. Use the correct Introduction
  2. Explain the steps in serial-wise order
  3. Don’t take long breaks while speaking
  4. Practice Daily on any form of template 
  5. Be confident and speak boldly
  6. Write down your ideas on paper in the given preparation time of 25 seconds



PTE Academic Speaking might be easy for some students and might not be for others. Few students consider it tricky.


As it needs correct usage of vocabulary and sentence formation. Because by having the required skills and strategy a student can score high marks in the speaking modules. Understanding the given template and by correctly using the right approach, an aspirant can score overall good scores.


In this Blog we discussed various forms of describe Image PTE templates and tips to secure high marks in this speaking section. I hope this blog will be beneficial to you in your PTE Academics speaking. Keep visiting again to learn about some other interesting topics.  

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