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10 Surprising Credit Card Perks You Should Know About

A Credit Card has become a crucial part of our daily lives. It provides convenience and flexibility in managing finances. It also offers a range of surprising perks that can help you manage your money more effectively, with the primary function being to make purchases. We will look at ten Credit Card perks that will help you enhance your lifestyle, provide protection, and save money in many ways.


What is a Credit Card?


First, you should understand the concept of credit cards before learning about the perks of having one. Banks and financial institutions offer credit cards enabling you to spend money up to a limit. You can use this card to purchase and repay the borrowed amount later. Interest on the borrowed amount needs to be paid if not paid before the due date.


What Are the Perks of Using a Card Available to Me That Will Help Me Manage My Money More Effectively?

You can access the following perks of using credit cards that will help you handle your money effectively:

  • 1. Enjoy Luxury and Comfort with Airport Lounge Access

A world of luxury with a premium Credit Card at airport lounges. These exclusive spaces provide a comfortable environment while you wait for your flight. You can enjoy complimentary amenities like free Wi-Fi and refreshments. It is a fantastic way to begin your travel experience with a stress-free journey without any hustle and bustle.

  • Baggage and Travel Insurance

You can access the baggage and travel insurance with a Credit Card. This insurance coverage offers protection in case of lost luggage, trip cancellations, or medical emergencies during your travels. It is like having extra safety that might save you from unexpected expenses and ensure peace of mind while exploring the world. This card can be a lifesaver whether your suitcase goes missing, your trip gets unexpectedly cancelled, or you require medical assistance abroad.

  • Purchase Protection Insurance

Credit cards can help you in getting purchase protection insurance. This feature acts as a safety gear that will protect you against faulty or damaged goods. Suppose you use your Credit Card to make any purchase, and the item gets stolen, destroyed, or lost during a specific time. In that case, the Credit Card issuer, i.e., the bank or financial institution, can repay you for such a transaction. You can shop with confidence with such purchase protection insurance.

  • Accident Insurance Cover

A credit card also helps you to avail an accident insurance coverage. This feature offers financial assistance for accidental injuries or unfortunate incidents. This perk can provide financial security to you or a covered family member in the case of an accident. It protects you and your loved ones during difficult times by reimbursing medical bills and unanticipated circumstances. You can have peace of mind now that your Credit Card covers you in the event of an unexpected accident.

  • Fuel Discounts and Surcharge Waivers

Some credit cards offer fantastic perks like fuel discounts and surcharge waivers at petrol pumps. These Credit Card Benefits can significantly reduce fuel costs, making your daily commute or road trips more budget-friendly. You can make your journeys more economical with these Credit Card perks that will allow you to save big on fuel expenses and allocate those savings towards other financial goals or experiences.

  • Discounted and Free Movie Tickets

You can unlock exciting opportunities and avail discounted and free movie tickets. This amazing benefit allows you to enjoy the latest blockbuster releases without burdening your wallet. You can follow your passion for movies and create unforgettable cinematic experiences with your Credit Card while enjoying great savings.

  • Indemnity Cover for Doctors

Some credit cards offer specialised perks known as indemnity coverage for medical professionals. This unique coverage offers protection to doctors against any legal liability that may arise. It serves as a shield that safeguards doctors from any potential financial repercussions and legal challenges. Medical professionals can have peace of mind with this valuable perk that will allow them to focus on providing quality healthcare without worrying about unforeseen legal issues.

  • EMI Facility

You can avail of the EMI facility’s perk, allowing you to make purchases into affordable monthly payments. This helpful perk empowers you to manage your expenses and budget more effectively. You can afford expensive items with this EMI facility, which gives you the flexibility to make significant purchases while maintaining financial stability and ensuring a smoother shopping experience.

  • Interest-Free Cash Withdrawals

If you have these cards, you can take advantage of the perk of interest-free cash withdrawals. This option enables you to withdraw money from ATMs without incurring additional interest costs during emergencies or situations requiring immediate access to cash. 

  • Quick Personal Loans

With these cards, you can access a valuable perk, i.e., quick personal loans. This feature allows you to obtain short-term loans without requiring lengthy approval processes during unexpected expenses or financial emergencies when you require immediate funds. You can obtain necessary financial assistance with a quick personal loan facility without waiting for lengthy approvals, which provides you with the peace of mind and flexibility to handle unexpected financial situations effectively.

Wrapping Up:

Credit cards offer a variety of surprising perks beyond their basic functionality. These Credit Card Benefits range from airport lounge access to purchase protection insurance, accident insurance coverage, discounted movie tickets, and much more. Several banks and financial institutions offer credit cards with many advantages, but a bank like ICICI Bank might be a good option. You should consider the range of perks to enjoy a more rewarding experience.


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