Calico Cat Names

Calico cats are known for their distinctive tri-color coats, making them truly unique and eye-catching pets. Whether you’ve just adopted a calico cat or are considering it, finding the perfect name that complements their personality and appearance is essential. To help you in this delightful task, here are 15 unique and charming calico cat names that are sure to suit your furry companion.


With hues reminiscent of the warm and vibrant spice, Saffron is a fitting name for a calico cat with patches of orange, black, and white.


Calico coats often resemble intricate patterns, and Marble captures the beautiful swirls and blends of colors that adorn your cat’s fur.


For the tech-savvy cat parent, Pixel reflects the pixelated appearance of the patches on a calico cat’s coat, giving a modern twist to a traditional name.


Celebrate the patchwork quilt-like appearance of your calico cat’s coat with this charming and whimsical name.


Inspired by the rich and decadent Italian liqueur, Amaretto is perfect for a cat whose coat boasts warm tones of caramel and cream.


If your calico cat has patches of deep orange and rust hues, Copper is a name that evokes warmth and sophistication.


Ideal for a cat with vibrant orange patches, Pumpkin captures the playful and spirited nature of your furry friend.


Reminiscent of the aromatic blend of spices in a cup of chai tea, this name suits a calico cat with a mix of cinnamon, ginger, and cream-colored fur.


For a cat whose coat resembles the rich and indulgent swirls of chocolate, caramel, and cream, Truffle is a name that exudes elegance and charm.


Reflecting the intricate and varied patterns of a calico cat’s coat, Mosaic is a name that highlights your feline companion’s unique beauty.


Named after the colorful and vibrant flower, Dahlia is perfect for a calico cat with a striking combination of colors that rival nature’s own palette.


With its association with the colorful and whimsical costumes of jesters, Harlequin is a fitting name for a playful and spirited calico cat.


Evoking images of the golden hues of a sunset, Tawny is ideal for a cat with patches of warm orange and cream-colored fur.


For the patches of deep black that contrast beautifully with lighter tones, Inky is a name that adds a touch of mystery and allure to your calico cat.


Inspired by the mesmerizing colors of the Northern Lights, Aurora is a name that captures the enchanting beauty of your calico cat’s coat.


Choosing the perfect name for your calico cat is an exciting opportunity to celebrate their unique appearance and personality. Whether you prefer something whimsical, elegant, or inspired by nature, these 15 names provide plenty of options to find the ideal moniker for your beloved feline companion.

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