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Pre Roll Boxes

A Complete Guideline To Customize The Pre Roll Boxes To Set Apart Your Brand Products

Product packaging is an essential part of any product presentation. If you are in the cannabis business and want to know the tactics to generate more sales. Then custom pre roll boxes are what you need the most. It is an increasingly effective tool to attract customers towards your cannabis products. If your product packaging has the ability to seize customers’ attention. Now you shouldn’t spend a single penny on your product’s promotion.

Cannabis products offer several health benefits and are used to cure many diseases. That’s why people have started using them due to their massive benefits in the health sector. But due to the high competition in the market, it becomes difficult for new ones to get the heights of success. Today we will discuss all the tactics to make your pre roll packaging attractive.

What are some materials for the durability of Pre Roll Boxes?

There are some points that are very significant to increase your product quality. The most vital thing is the quality of the custom packaging material. As these products have herbal benefits and need the finest material to retain their freshness. For this purpose, our wide range of material stock is available. That will increase the durability of your products.

Custom packaging is a method to demonstrate your brand values. If customers find the product material strong enough, they get a very good impression of the inside items. You can choose kraft and cardboard material that is hundred percent eco-friendly. They can easily decompose and recyclable. Moreover, there is also a corrugated material that is best for shipping. The double corrugated wall increases your pre rolls’ safety from any moisture and dust particles.

Trends to Follow For The Innovative Appearances

People analyze the depth of your custom pre roll packaging from the distinctive designs and styles. Smoking is not just a habit nowadays. It has become a trend and fashion icon. People show their class through the innovative packaging of pre rolls. Having functional styles increase the confidence of brands. They promote their products with diversity to make their customers happy. That’s why you can select the following styles to increase their visibility of them.

  • Display boxes

In a vast market, selling your products with full potential is possible with display boxes. They increase the visibility of your marijuana or joint products.

  • Two-piece boxes

The detachable two parts carry pre rolls with complete protection and communicate with customers effectively.

  • Sleeve boxes

The bottom carries these rolls, and the upper case covers all of them.

Transform your dreams into reality.

There is no need to suppress all your desires to customize your pre roll boxes. You have full liberty to transform your products into ideal products. It is just possible with custom printed pre roll joint boxes. You can print all the product descriptions in vivid colors to attract customers. Undoubtedly, colors can add vibrancy and increase the visual appeal of anything. Your custom boxes are a canvas that you can use to draw beautiful graphics.

In addition, you can inform the customers about the all-necessary details. Such as the company names, product flavors, expiry dates, ingredient details, and many other things. All these details give a chance to customers make informative decisions. Moreover, you can also print a beautiful logo design to inform your potential customers.

With such huge competition in the market, you cannot just go with the flow. You have to take some extra steps. You can make an eye catchy logo design to give your products recognition in the market. Besides this, you can also make these logos more attractive by applying the following features;

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foiling
  • Spot UV
  • Lamination


To conclude, it is a reality that you cannot last a long-lasting impression with dull boxes. Custom pre roll boxes wholesale are perfect to make your products elegant. iCustomBoxes offers the finest quality of material and versatile packaging. These boxes with logos are able to promote your pre rolls efficiently. Moreover, our free design offers and free shipping will help you with your short budget.


Q;1 What is the minimum quantity to order pre-roll joint boxes?

It is 100 boxes to order pre-roll joint boxes.

Q;2 Is you customize the whole pre-roll boxes according to customers’ desires?

Yes, you are in the driving seat to get the ideal packaging in customization.

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