Corrugated Packaging Market
Corrugated Packaging Market

Corrugated Packaging Market Size, Company Revenue Share, Key Drivers, and Trend Analysis, 2023–2032

The latest research report is cited as the first document to provide an update on the Corrugated Packaging markets hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global health crisis poses a significant threat to the future growth of the Corrugated Packaging industry. The report assesses the profound changes in this business environment brought about by the outbreak, and highlights the significant impact on the market severely disrupted by the pandemic. This report therefore describes the rapidly changing market scenario in this COVID-19 era. It aims to help companies in this sector overcome the massive impact of the pandemic and formulate new growth strategies to prepare for the intensification of COVID-19.

The Corrugated Packaging market plays a vital role in the global packaging industry, providing versatile and sustainable solutions for various products. Corrugated packaging, made from corrugated board, consists of fluted layers sandwiched between two flat linerboards. It is widely used for shipping, storing, and protecting goods across industries such as food and beverages, e-commerce, electronics, and consumer goods. This article provides an overview of the corrugated packaging market, including its drivers, restraints, and key statistics from government organizations.

The global corrugated packaging market size was USD 70.81 Billion in 2022 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 3.9% during the forecast period, according to latest analysis by Emergen Research. One of the primary drivers of the corrugated packaging market is the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. With growing environmental concerns, businesses and consumers are seeking packaging materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources. Corrugated packaging fits the bill, as it is predominantly manufactured from recycled fibers, reducing the reliance on virgin materials and minimizing the environmental impact. Additionally, corrugated packaging is lightweight, which helps reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions.

Another driver of the corrugated packaging market is the rise of e-commerce. The exponential growth of online shopping has led to a surge in demand for packaging materials to protect and ship products. Corrugated boxes are the preferred choice for e-commerce packaging due to their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. The ability of corrugated packaging to withstand the rigors of transportation and provide adequate protection for various products has made it indispensable in the e-commerce industry.

However, the corrugated packaging market also faces certain restraints. One significant challenge is the volatility in raw material prices. The production of corrugated packaging heavily relies on the availability and cost of recycled fibers or virgin pulp. Fluctuations in the prices of these raw materials can impact the profitability of corrugated packaging manufacturers and potentially lead to price fluctuations in the market. Additionally, the increasing cost of energy and transportation can also pose challenges to the corrugated packaging industry.

Government organizations play a crucial role in monitoring and regulating the corrugated packaging market. They set guidelines and regulations for the recycling and disposal of packaging materials, ensuring that corrugated packaging meets environmental standards. For instance, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States encourages the use of recycled fibers in corrugated packaging production, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Statistics from government organizations highlight the significance of the corrugated packaging market. According to the Fibre Box Association (FBA), the corrugated industry in the United States produced over 389 billion square feet of corrugated products in 2020. This reflects the widespread use and demand for corrugated packaging in various sectors. Furthermore, the FBA reports that the recycling rate for corrugated packaging in the United States was 96% in 2020. This high recycling rate demonstrates the industry’s commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.

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Global Corrugated Packaging Market Highlights:

  • Regional demand estimation and forecast
  • Product Mix Matrix
  • R&D Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Pre-commodity pricing volatility
  • Supply chain optimization analysis
  • Technological updates analysis
  • Raw Material Sourcing Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Location Quotients Analysis
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis
  • Patent Analysis
  • Vendor Management

Competitive Landscape:

The latest study provides an insightful analysis of the broad competitive landscape of the global Corrugated Packaging market, emphasizing the key market rivals and their company profiles. A wide array of strategic initiatives, such as new business deals, mergers & acquisitions, collaborations, joint ventures, technological upgradation, and recent product launches, undertaken by these companies has been discussed in the report.

Key Parameters Analyzed in This Section:

  • Company Profiles
  • Gross Revenue
  • Profit margins
  • Product sales trends
  • Product pricing
  • Industry Analysis
  • Sales & distribution channels

Mondi, DS Smith, International Paper, Georgia-Pacific, Oji Holdings Corporation, Smurfit Kappa, WestRock Company, Pactiv Evergreen Inc., Tat Seng, and Packaging Corporation of America

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Regional Segmentation:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific

Key Points Covered in This Section:

  • Regional contribution
  • Estimated revenue generation
  • Vital data and information about the consumption rate in all the leading regional segments
  • An expected rise in market share
  • Forecast growth in the overall consumption rate
  • Product Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2019-2032)

    • Boxes
    • Trays
    • Partitions
    • Pads
    • Others
  • Printing Technology Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2019-2032)

    • Flexography
    • Digital Printing
    • Lithography

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Report Highlights:

  • Besides offering a vivid depiction of the global Corrugated Packaging business sphere and its fundamental operations, the latest report provides the industrial chain analysis and list down the current and future market trends and growth opportunities.
  • The report scrutinizes the salient factors influencing the growth of the market in the near future.
  • The strategic marketing recommendations, crucial information related to the new market entrants, and expansion plans of various businesses are poised to provide the reader with a competitive edge in the market.

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