Cigarette and Drink
Cigarette and Drink

Ditch Both that Cigarette and Drink!

Smoking and drinking help each other increase health problems. Learn how to kick the habit and successfully give up both for an addiction-free life.

Perhaps you exercise regularly and eat healthy. Did you know that you can kick good habits that are bad for your bones like smoking and drinking alcohol? 

Smoking and drinking alcohol regularly increase the risk of lung cancer and liver cancer. Damage to your body begins with smoking a cigarette. Some people believe that alcohol is good for the heart, but that’s not entirely true. Indeed, if red wine contains natural antioxidants, it is in small amounts and the harms of alcohol outweigh the benefits. Buy Generic Cialis Online and Buy Fildena Online Drinking too much alcohol can lead to loss of work productivity, talkative gestures similar to drunk driving, and even violent gestures.

A study by the scripps research institute in the united states has shown that nicotine exposure promotes alcoholism. This explains why smoking and drinking tend to go hand in hand. In other words, it’s a vicious cycle – smoking increases drinking and vice versa.

Social ethics of smoking and drinking

Some people bomb or drink excessively to relieve stress or solve problems. Studies have shown that social morality plays a role in the formation of gestures. People often bombarded or drank among the musketeers doing so, in order to be accepted by society. This is especially true for men.

The problem with smoking is that it becomes an act of your life, meaning that smoking becomes a response on the bus rather than a conscious decision. Unfortunately, smoking and drinking tend to go hand in hand. By engaging in the same moves in musketeers, one bad habit leads to two bad habits, multiplying the negative effects on your body.

How can I help myself cut down or quit smoking?

There are still ways to reduce your tobacco and alcohol consumption(5)

If you hang out with the musketeers.

 By not engaging in both sets of behaviors before, you can focus on kicking one habit at a time rather than kicking both of the potentially daunting morning routines. 

Drink water as a “Stepping stone” between drinks.

For those who want to quit smoking completely, cold lemon smoking cessation is known to be one of the most effective ways. But if you feel you are not ready to quit immediately, you can consider these ways 

  The system decreases, that is, starting by reducing the number of cigarettes per day 

  The delayed system, that is, delay the smoking as long as possible 

  Nicotine detoxification drugs, such as nicotin glue, leather stickers or pellets  yours. 

Smoking chest

Jo in the quit program and don’t have a bank for 28 days and you’ll be 5 times more likely to quit smoking. You can name your beloved bone as a good helper when participating in the program. Verify your bank-free status and redeem a $50 hpb* evoucher around day 28. Go ahead and you’ll also be eligible for $30 and $20 evouchers* by the end of march and june regardless!


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