Exploring the Success of thatgamecompany's Sky Light 160m Acquisition by TPG Capital and Takahashi

Exploring the Success of thatgamecompany’s Sky Light 160m Acquisition by TPG Capital and Takahashi

In a significant move within the gaming industry, thatgamecompany, the renowned developer behind critically acclaimed titles such as Journey and Flower, recently announced its acquisition by TPG Capital and Takahashi Investment. This collaboration aims to propel thatgamecompany’s innovative vision forward and expand its reach in the gaming market. With the success of their latest release, Sky Light 160m, this partnership holds immense potential for both the developer and its new investors. This article will delve into the details of this acquisition and analyze the implications it holds for thatgamecompany’s future.

The Rise of thatgamecompany:

Founded in 2006, thatgamecompany quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to game development. Focusing on creating emotionally engaging experiences, the studio garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Titles like Journey, which won numerous Game of the Year awards, showcased the studio’s ability to create immersive worlds that resonated with players on a deep level. With each release, thatgamecompany pushed the boundaries of what games could achieve as an art form.

Introducing Sky Light 160m:

Sky Light 160m, the latest offering from thatgamecompany, is an ambitious multiplayer adventure game set in a breathtaking world above the clouds. Players take on the role of children of light, exploring a vast and enchanting landscape while discovering hidden treasures and interacting with other players. The game’s stunning visuals, captivating soundtrack, and intuitive controls have captivated players worldwide since its release. Sky Light 160m has been praised for its ability to evoke a sense of wonder and foster meaningful connections between players.

The Significance of TPG Capital and Takahashi Investment:

The acquisition of thatgamecompany by TPG Capital and Takahashi Investment represents a strategic move for both parties. TPG Capital, a global private equity firm with extensive experience in the technology and media sectors, recognizes the immense potential of thatgamecompany’s unique approach to game development. By partnering with a renowned studio like thatgamecompany, TPG Capital aims to leverage their expertise and tap into the growing market for emotionally-driven gaming experiences.

Takahashi Investment, led by Keita Takahashi, the creator of the critically acclaimed game Katamari Damacy, brings a wealth of creative insight to the partnership. Takahashi’s unconventional approach to game design aligns with thatgamecompany’s philosophy, making this collaboration a perfect fit. With his expertise and guidance, thatgamecompany can further refine their creative vision and continue to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling.

Expanding Horizons:

The acquisition by TPG Capital and Takahashi Investment opens up new avenues for thatgamecompany’s growth. The financial backing and industry expertise provided by these partners will enable the studio to expand its development capabilities and explore new platforms. This could potentially lead to the release of their games on a wider range of devices, reaching a broader audience and solidifying their position as pioneers in the industry.

Furthermore, this partnership offers thatgamecompany the opportunity to collaborate with other talented developers under the TPG Capital umbrella. By sharing knowledge and resources, the studio can tap into a vast network of industry professionals, fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of game design even further.


The acquisition of thatgamecompany by TPG Capital and Takahashi Investment marks an exciting chapter in the studio’s journey. With their latest release, Sky Light 160m, already garnering critical acclaim, this partnership holds immense potential for both financial growth and creative exploration. The backing of TPG Capital’s industry expertise and Takahashi Investment’s creative insight will undoubtedly propel thatgamecompany to new heights, allowing them to continue crafting emotionally engaging experiences that resonate with players worldwide. As fans eagerly await the studio’s future projects, the gaming industry as a whole can look forward to the innovative contributions thatgamecompany is poised to make.

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