Control Hyperthyroidism Naturally

Is it Really Possible to Control Hyperthyroidism Naturally?

It is simple enough for you to understand that when there will be an abundance of thyroid hormones in the body we will call it hyperthyroidism. Sometimes, we also use the word, overactive thyroid, for this condition. There can be mild to moderate effects on the gland due to this health problem. As you know the place of the gland that is present in the throat.

The core function of this gland is to secrete several important hormones in the body that support the cycle of life. According to the best endocrinologist in Rawalpindi, the normal functioning of the thyroid gland is essential for everyone because life gets affected very badly and a patient with this disease always remains uncomfortable.


Some people also confuse themselves when they talk about hyperthyroidism. There is a term, hypothyroidism, that is quite similar to the other term. Therefore, people are not able to distinguish between these two terms effectively. A patient or we can say everyone needs to draw a major line between them as one condition represents the underactive thyroid and the other one represents the overactivity of the gland.

Additionally, the symptoms of these conditions are also different and the causes for them are also different. Usually, a person with hyperthyroidism can experience some symptoms such as heart palpitations, an increment in sweating, and high blood pressure.

Some other symptoms such as thinning hair, irregularity of menstruation, a loss of weight, fatigue, as well as diarrhea. Trembling and shaking can also appear in some people whose thyroid gland is overactive. Doctors report that a patient with hyperthyroidism can also feel irritability all the time, and there will be no huge relief until the gland starts working properly.

Hyperthyroidism and Treatments

In addition to the above-mentioned information, your thyroid gland can also get swelling severely due to this problem. And when the gland will get swelling then we will call it goiter. When thyroid doctors or other medical specialists diagnose this problem in any patient, they try to treat it with antithyroid medications.

When a patient starts using these medications there is a reduction in the production of thyroid hormone and eventually, you get relief from the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

Sometimes, hyperthyroidism gets severity and it becomes impossible for any doctor to treat it with medications. If that is the case, doctors may recommend radioactive iodine to treat it. In other complex cases, surgeons or other medical specialists can also remove it through surgery.

Additionally, along with these medical treatments for hyperthyroidism symptoms, some natural treatments or remedies can also help to reduce the symptoms. However, it will not be wise for anyone to replace medical treatments with natural remedies.

But if you take or use these remedies along with medical treatments then the journey of treatment will become easy and a patient will not face much trouble.

Before discussing the natural remedy for this health condition, it is better to shed a bit of light on the phenomena; of what to avoid when you catch this condition. If a patient avoids some foods and follows the pattern of a healthy diet, then a reduction in the severity of hyperthyroidism will become easy.

A balanced or healthy for these patients is that which would contain iodine in lower amounts. The American Thyroid Association recommends that a healthy diet for patients of hyperthyroidism will be that which will be low in iodine.

When we say that you will need to consume low-iodized foods we mean that you will need to avoid egg yolks, seafood, and beef in high amounts, as well as dairy products. Additionally, patients with hyperthyroidism also need not use soy products that contain soybeans or tofu.


L-carnitine is a supplement that can be helpful in reducing the effects of hyperthyroidism on the body. You may already know that it is an amino acid and this naturally occurs in the body. Usually, it is also present in supplements that are effective in losing weight.

These supplements can play a role in preventing thyroid hormones from entering severe cells and this effect can help in reducing hyperthyroidism. Additionally, it can also prevent symptoms such as fatigue, tremors, as well as heart palpitations.

Patients with hyperthyroidism also report that when they start using these supplements, there was a noticeable relief in the symptoms. If you are living life with hyperthyroidism then you can take a decision to use this supplement with your doctor’s guidance.


Some people who experience this condition have an underlying condition, and this condition is B-complex deficiency. When this deficiency occurs in the body, you may feel the symptoms such as dizziness or weakness.

A patient with B-complex deficiency and hyperthyroidism also needs to consume to this vitamin to get effective relief and live a healthy life.

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