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Planning and Designing Your ADU

Accessory Dwelling Units are very much beneficial for a house owner as they can solve the space problem in your house. If you are confused about how to plan your ADU project, then you can take the help of an expert to get your job done.

If you are looking for reliable Bay Area ADU contractors, then you should contact ADU Specialist Bay Area. Now, let us understand how you can plan and design your ADU by following these basic steps.

Give importance to your priorities

The first step to planning a budget for your ADU project would be to focus on your priorities. Knowing exactly what you want will cut down your expenses to a great extent.

You can start creating a list of what you want for your home, which will make the process easy. You need to figure out if you want hardwood flooring or upgraded cabinets so that it will clear all your doubts regarding the ADU project.

Prepare a proper layout plan:

A professional architect will help you determine what you need and work with you to build your ADU.

Initial preparation includes reviewing Local Building Department rules and regulations to determine the floor area ratio, setbacks, parking, mass transit plan, and available Utilities.

Then, a site plan is created for the current house. After that, your ADU experts analyze if there are options for building an ADU on your property.

Get the Design Approved

  • The initial step of obtaining a permit involves dropping the application for the same. This process involves preparing a site plan, which will decide what type of permit or approval is necessary for the concerned project.
  • Then, the next step would be to schedule an appointment with the concerned officials for approval of the plan.
  •  Modifications are necessary for the existing plan if the officials suggest the same.
  •  A contractor also helps schedule inspections for each part of the project, which will minimize your efforts. When the renovation project is complete, they schedule an appointment with the officials to get the final approval.

Find a reliable ADU Contractor

You can start searching online on various websites and go through their services to have a brief idea about the company. Also, search for customer reviews to ensure you choose the right one for your ADU project.

Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors for references so that you can find a reliable contractor in your location. You can visit your friend’s place to assess the quality of remodeling work.

You should schedule meetings with the contractors to interview them and know more about their services and customer support. Check their license and experience that will help you choose the right contractor for your second story project above your garage.

Arrange Permits

In an ADU project, you will be required to make structural changes to your home. Hence, you need to arrange permits for the same so that you do not face any legal hassles later. Your ADU contractor should arrange all the permits and insure the entire project.

ADU construction:

The ADUs should be built in such a way that it does not look too occupied or messed up. So, focus on generating more space in the ADU by incorporating modern storage solutions, built-in shelves, a functional kitchen, a vibrant living unit, and a bath unit with ample ventilation available in it.

Moreover, floor plans and space management are necessary so that you can add a lot of floor space without compromising the aesthetics of the ADU unit.

The next step is plumbing and electrification. As ADU is a new dwelling unit, you should focus on roofing, insulation, and solar panel installation.

If you are confused, then you can call our professionals that can guide you with necessary information.


Professional ADU contractors inspect every portion to make sure there is no failure. Also, the experts ensure that electrification and plumbing work are done properly so that it won’t cause short-circuit issues later on. After checking everything, the site is delivered to the house owner.

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