The Ultimate Kyanite Gemstone Guide: Uncover its Mystical Properties and Uses

 We all have our blues, and we all have some different methods of coping with those blues. The color blue is a very interesting one. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad. Sometimes it just hits, and you don’t know how you feel either. So, we all need a happy and amazing something blue that makes it all easy on us. Let us introduce you to the blue that will come to your rescue every single time: the Kyanite gemstone.

Yes, we know that you are thinking about how a blue gemstone handles all the blues in our lives. So, just wait and read ahead.

What Does the Kyanite Gemstone Mean?

You can’t see kyanite as just a blue stone forever. It’s much more than that. Kyanite is a word that comes from the Greek word kyanos, meaning deep blue. The meaning was really obvious, though. The stone has been surprisingly called by many names, like Disthene, cyanite, and Rhaeticide. Although the stone is also known by other spiritual names like the “gemstone of attunement”. The stone goes by this name because of its ability to keep things connected and in harmony.

Kyanite Properties 

Kyanite is a stone with a rich, deep blue color, which makes it often confused with a sapphire stone. In terms of hardness, the stone is a 4.5–5 on a Mohs hardness scale, which means that it is a moderately soft stone. The stone comes in many colors, like brown, blue, black, gray, pink, orange, and many others. Blue, of all the colors, is the most famous and demanded. Every color of kyanite holds different healing properties.

Kyanite is mainly derived from Nepal. Some other sources of kyanite are Brazil, India, Australia, Switzerland, Kenya, and Myanmar.

The stone is so amazing that it has various uses. Kyanite is stunning enough and looks beautiful in jewelry designs. You can use it for meditation and healing purposes as well. If you get a beautiful kyanite showpiece, you can put it in a corner of your home or office.

History of the Kyanite Gemstone

Abraham Gottlob Werner, a German geologist, gave kyanite its name in 1789 on the basis of its rich blue color. During that time, the stone was abundant and clear. For a very long time, around the 1900s, kyanite was mistaken for sapphire. Well, it’s a honey mistake. There were not many sources to tell them that not all blues are sapphires stone.

Even being a rare stone, it was being widely used for ceramic and industrial manufacturing. The stone. There is not much information on kyanite, as it is a modern gem.

What are the different types of Kyanite gemstones?

This beautiful stone comes in different varieties based on color. Though kyanite is available in various colors like brown, blue, green, gray, yellow, white, pink, orange, and black, We’ll only take a look at the most famous ones. Let us introduce you to the different varieties of kyanite.

  1. Blue Kyanite: The most famous and loved type of kyanite stone is blue kyanite. The stone is responsible for taking care of our throat chakra.
  2. Black kyanite: Black kyanite is a powerful stone. It holds much more power than you think it does. The stone is amazing for strengthening our relationships.
  3. Green kyanite: generally, the color green is related to growth and prosperity. You can also call kyanite the growth stone. The stone is the perfect companion when wanting to start a new journey.

Kyanite’s healing properties

Kyanite is a stone with healing powers that can benefit you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Let’s take a look at the healing properties of kyanite.

Physical healing properties

  • An excellent pain reliever
  • Reduces all kinds of inflammation and treats infections.
  • Sharpens the mind
  • Encourages healthy eating patterns.

Emotional healing properties

  • It gives you good intuitive knowledge and helps you understand yourself better.
  • Teaches you to communicate openly and freely.
  • Allows you to take control of your life.

Metaphysical healing properties

  • Promotes more logical thinking
  • Frequently keeps cleaning out all the negative energies.
  • Cuts out all the illusions.
  • Gives you the courage to take some leaps.

Kyanite gemstone care

Every gemstone needs care. They hold healing properties that don’t endlessly flow like a waterfall. They flow more like a tap. When negative energies or obstacles block the tap, their energy flow can be reduced. Hence, to ensure a good and free flow of energy, you need to timely clean the tap.

Firstly, to clean the stone, you can simply use a mild soap and some lukewarm water. Any use of harsh chemical cleaners can cause permanent damage to the stone. Remember to thoroughly pat dry the stone with a soft cloth after rinsing it. Kyanite is a stone with a very low hardness level. The stone is a 4.5–5 on a Mohs hardness scale.

Secondly, to cleanse the stone, there are various ways. The stone has no room for storing negative energy, but it is important to give it a cleanse once in a while. You can clean the stone by smudging it with a sage stick. You can try running the stone under some water. Another way is to replace the stone with some natural stone, like stone or wood, and let it recover naturally.

Is Kyanite a Birthstone?

According to the birthstone chart, you cannot say that kyanite is a birthstone. However, people born in the months of February and March can wear kyanite.


1. What are the metaphysical properties of Kyanite?

Kyanite not only comes in an amazing color but also has amazing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing benefits. Kyant’s metaphysical properties include promoting more logical thinking, frequent cleaning out of all the negative energies, cutting out all the illusions, and giving you the courage to take some leaps.

2. How durable is Kyanite?

A stone’s durability can be determined by a hardness level test. On a Mohs hardness scale, kyanite is 4.5–5. This means that it’s a moderate stone and is a little fragile.

3. Can Kyanite be used in jewelry?

Yes, it is safe to use kyanite in jewelry. The stone is a little soft, so it must be taken care of when doing extreme activities. You can try kyanite rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. Wearing kyanite as jewelry is the best way to utilize its healing energies. The closer it is to the skin, the better.

4. Is Kyanite treated or enhanced?

Kyanite is a stone that naturally has a good and rich color and does not require treatment. To somehow enhance the color, kyanite can undergo treatment. Always, when shopping for kyanite or any gemstone, ask about the treatment done on the stone and, if possible, get the lab report on the stone.

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