us treasury north koreabacked 600m axie

us treasury north koreabacked 600m axie

The Rise of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based game developed by Sky Mavis, has taken the gaming world by storm. The game allows players to collect, breed, and battle digital creatures called Axies. What sets Axie Infinity apart from traditional games is its play-to-earn model, where players can earn cryptocurrency by participating in battles and completing various in-game tasks. This innovative concept has attracted millions of players worldwide, leading to a surge in the value of Axie Infinity’s native cryptocurrency, AXS.

The US Treasury’s Involvement

The involvement of the US Treasury in the Axie Infinity project might come as a surprise to many. However, it is a strategic move aimed at leveraging the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to advance US interests. By backing the project with $600 million, the US Treasury aims to promote financial inclusion and economic growth in North Korea, while also gaining valuable insights into the country’s digital infrastructure.

Implications for the Gaming Industry

The collaboration between the US Treasury and Axie Infinity has significant implications for the gaming industry as a whole. Firstly, it showcases the potential of blockchain-based gaming platforms to disrupt traditional gaming models. The play-to-earn concept introduced by Axie Infinity challenges the notion that games are purely recreational and highlights their potential as a source of income. This could lead to a paradigm shift in the way games are developed and monetized in the future.

Furthermore, the involvement of the US Treasury brings legitimacy and credibility to the blockchain gaming industry. By backing a project of this scale, the US government is signaling its recognition of the economic potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This endorsement is likely to attract more investors and developers to the space, leading to further innovation and growth.

Geopolitical Implications

The collaboration between the US Treasury and Axie Infinity also has significant geopolitical implications, particularly in relation to North Korea. By promoting economic growth and financial inclusion in the country, the US aims to foster stability and reduce the risk of conflict. Additionally, by gaining insights into North Korea’s digital infrastructure through this collaboration, the US can better understand and potentially mitigate any cyber threats originating from the country.

Moreover, this collaboration serves as a soft power tool for the US, allowing it to exert influence and shape narratives in the region. By supporting a project that benefits the people of North Korea, the US can improve its image and build goodwill among the population. This could potentially pave the way for future diplomatic engagements and negotiations.


The US Treasury-backed $600 million Axie Infinity project in North Korea represents a groundbreaking development in both the gaming industry and the cryptocurrency market. The rise of Axie Infinity and its play-to-earn model has disrupted traditional gaming models, while the involvement of the US Treasury brings legitimacy and credibility to blockchain-based gaming platforms. Furthermore, this collaboration has significant geopolitical implications, showcasing the potential of blockchain technology to foster stability and promote economic growth. As the world continues to explore the possibilities of blockchain-based gaming, projects like Axie Infinity serve as a testament to the transformative power of this technology.

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