What is Instagram marketing comment + automatic comment program

In this article, you will get to know the basics of Instagram marketing comments. We will also introduce an automatic Instagram commenting program. SingaporeFollowers is the best tool for your Instagram marketing effectively.

When you open a new business on Instagram or you plan to develop your current business on this social network, the first thing you need to earn money is to introduce your business page to others and convert them into customers. There are different methods to attract visitors on Instagram, and you should choose one or more of these methods based on your business goals and the budget you have. Currently, the most common types of advertising in the Instagram space are advertising with influencers, shot exchange and banner ads. In this article, we want to introduce another type of advertising called Instagram comment marketing and teach its principles.

What is Instagram marketing comment?

One of the methods of attracting targeted visitors on Instagram is called comment marketing. In this way, you should attract the opinions of their audience by posting objective and principled views on other pages so that they are attracted to your page. This type of advertising, like other methods, has its own principles and techniques that you must follow to be successful; Otherwise, in addition to not achieving sufficient results, you may even receive negative feedback from users.

Know this point that before you start comment marketing on Instagram, you must have produced and published high-quality content on your page. Otherwise, even if you can attract a lot of visitors to your page, they will have no reason to follow you. Because it is good content that convinces users to follow the page.

What is Instagram auto comment program?

Instagram marketing comment is an attractive way to increase page visits; But if you spend a lot of time creating content or other things related to your business, you probably won’t have enough time to post comments on different pages. Instagram auto comment program is a tool where you can enter your advertising texts and also introduce your target pages to it. Then set the tool to post marketing comments on target pages at the times you want them to.

The automatic comment program is only a special advertising method in social networks. You can learn about other modern methods of advertising by reading the article on advertising on Instagram .

How the Instagram auto comment program works

The Instagram auto comment program receives the target audience from you and comments under their posts with your account. The application for sending mass Instagram comments determines the target users of your business using the following 2 methods:

1. Target hashtags

By introducing a series of hashtags as “target hashtags” to the bot, you are actually instructing the bot to perform its activity on the posts that have used these hashtags in their captions. For example, if your field of work is selling home appliances, you can introduce hashtags related to this field to the robot so that your advertising comments are placed under the posts published with these hashtags. In this case, at the same time as the speed of action, the purposefulness of your marketing comments on Instagram will be maintained.

2. Attracting followers from competitors

This attractive feature of the Instagram automatic commenting program will attract the followers of your competitors to your page. In this method, you define a new goal for the robot by entering the ID page of your competitors. In this new goal, the robot analyzes the followers of pages that are active in the field of your business and leaves comments under the posts of competitors’ followers. In this case, the targeted audience will be encouraged to take a look at the content inside the page by seeing your profile. At this stage, if you have attractive and stunning content on your page, you can convert visitors into permanent followers.

Techniques to increase customers on Instagram

Comment marketing is just one of the tricks to attract visitors on Instagram and it is certainly not enough to attract customers without quality content. Without content you cannot make money even with thousands of visitors. In the following article, you will learn what content and methods are used to attract new followers and sell products to them!

Basics of Instagram marketing comments

As we said, in order to be able to attract many contacts to your page through comment marketing, you must be familiar with the principles of this work. In this section of the article, you will learn the most important rules and tricks of marketing with comments on Instagram:

1. Do marketing comments under related posts!

One of the most important principles of comment marketing on Instagram is the thematic connection of your comment with the post under which you publish your comment. That is, you should find pages whose field of work is related to yours and leave your advertising comment under the posts of these pages; Or at least if the topic of the page is not completely related to your field of activity, your comment should match the topic of the post. For a better understanding of the topic, consider the example in the next paragraph.

Suppose you see a news post about a movie that is going to be released in the near future, and you go to the comments section to see the reactions of other users. Among the comments, you can see two advertising texts with the following topics:

  • Review of the newly released American cinema film on the following page
  • Selling household appliances with special discounts on the following page

Which of the above can attract your attention? You probably agree with me that case 1 will be more successful. Even if the second page has written a better advertising text, because it has done this on an unrelated page, it will not be able to achieve the desired result; In other words, leaving comments on unrelated pages and posts reduces the targeting of marketing comments on Instagram.

2. Comment text should not be too short or too long!

This probably doesn’t need much explanation to understand. Because you yourself have come across these things a lot on Instagram. Users usually don’t read very long comments; So if you do comment marketing with very long texts, you will lose 90% of the audience. The drawback of very short texts is that they are not effective enough. Naturally, no one can persuade the audience of another page to visit his own page in less than 10,15 words.

The best mode for the length of the Instagram marketing comment text is to write the most important features of the page or the competitive advantage of your business in almost two lines, and at the end of the text, invite the audience to visit your page with a few persuasive words.

3. Don’t forget the page ID at the end of the comment!

Writing the page ID at the end of the comment is relatively important. When you comment your ad text without writing an ID, if users pass over it while scrolling up and down the page, they will most likely not notice it. But the presence of an ID in the comment, which has a different color from the text of the comment itself, somehow attracts the reader’s attention and makes more contacts read your advertising text. On the other hand, clicking on the ID is easier and users can easily access your page by touching it.

4. It is forbidden to write repetitive and clichéd texts!

Now that the number of Instagram businesses has increased, many pages are using Instagram marketing comments to advertise their pages. Most of these pages use repetitive and clichéd texts that have become boring for the audience; So, if you don’t use creativity in writing the text of your comments and use old phrases like all other pages, your marketing will fail. Compare the following two texts and see which one can have a greater impact on the reader and encourage him to visit the page:

“Hello. I sell special and different accessories on my page. I will be happy if you support me by following my page.

“The clothes on this page are really beautiful and fashionable. But your style will be more stylish by combining the clothes of this page with our rings, bracelets and other accessories. Don’t miss the weekend discount on our page”

5. Get a little emotional!

Engaging emotions has always been a trick that has worked on social media. Instagram users have always published more emotional posts, were more attracted to emotional captions, and had the most reactions to them. So if you use emotional headlines in your Instagram marketing comments, you can attract many contacts to your page. Of course, it is very important not to overindulge in involving users’ emotions. Social networks are always the place where social flows are formed, and there have been many cases where pages have used this to attract followers; So it is natural that if you abuse the emotions of users to grow your page, you will face strong negative feedback.


We have reached the end of the Instagram marketing comment article. In this article, we introduced Instagram comment marketing in full and taught the principles of this advertising method. We also comprehensively covered how to work with the automatic comment sending program. Thank you for being with us until the end.

What other benefits do you think comment marketing has? Write us your comments in the comments section.


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