Seamlessly Add Google Reviews To Wix Website With 3 Engaging Tools

Wix is one of the top names among the various website designing platforms. Designing a website is no more a hassle mainly for small and medium businesses with Wix. Even an individual with zero coding knowledge can efficiently build a website with the advanced features of Wix. 

Wix has changed the whole game of creating a great website. As per Reuters, Wix has more than 200+ million users globally which makes it the best website designing and building platform. Wix websites can be made more approachable to people by adding reviews. When talking about reviews, customers trust Google Reviews the most. Because Google is a trustworthy platform for customers to read authentic customer reviews. 

Thus, to stand apart from the competition and establish the trustworthy reputation of the brand, businesses are embedding the Google reviews widget to Wix website. Displaying Google reviews on the Wix website has become an integral part of the marketing strategies for many brands. 

However, businesses often get confused about which aggregator tool will be best for them to embed Google reviews into Wix. To make it easier this article will explain to you about 3 great aggregator tools. And also about its benefits.

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3 Excellent Tools To Integrate Google Reviews On The Wix Website 

Below is the curated list of 3 top social media aggregator tools that will help the business add Google reviews to Wix without any extra effort. By going through each of them businesses can choose the best one for their website according to the requirements. 

#1 Tagembed

Leading the list with one of the leading and trusted aggregator tools Tagembed. Tagembed lets its users collect, curate, and embed content on the website from numerous social media platforms in a single widget including Google reviews. Not only that, users can integrate content from 20+ different social media platforms with Tagembed. 

The aggregator tool comes with a fully customizable review widget as per the requirements of different businesses. The widget can be designed with different layout options and font styles that will align with the style of the brand’s website. It has different theme options which you can choose for displaying your Google reviews widget. The profanity filter of Tagembed lets you easily filter out the reviews that you don’t want to show on the website. Tagembed is a totally code-free solution. 

#2 Flockler

The next aggregator tool that has made its place on the list is the Flocker. This tool makes embedding work very easy, even beginners can use it seamlessly due to the smooth functioning of the tool. It lets organizations create multiple Flocker sites according to the requirements of the content managers. Overall, users have a good experience while embedding with Flocker. 

#3 Trustmary 

The third tool on the list is the Trustmary. This is another excellent tool for adding multiple Google reviews to your Wix website. The main aim of Trustmary is to add reviews on the website that matter to the businesses. With Trustmary you can consistently update your website with fresh Google reviews. Its intelligent algorithm picks the best reviews which can be displayed with the smart Google reviews widget on Wix. Thus, Trustmary is a flexible solution for every business. 

Benefits Of Adding Google Reviews On The Wix Website:

Now that you know about some of the best aggregator tools that help you add Google reviews to the Wix website, let’s explore the benefits that businesses can enjoy from displaying Google reviews widget on Wix. This curated list will help the business to understand the vitality of showcasing Google reviews on the Wix website. Have a look at them.

1. Trust Building

The code of success of every business is based on the relation of trust with its customers. In this digital era reviews work as a virtual word of mouth and are best in building the trust of potential customers. The digital giant Google today is the most reliable platform globally for potential customers to read authentic reviews and drive their purchase decisions. 

So did you imagine what it can bring to your business if you opt to add Google reviews to Wix website? You can engage your website visitors through trust building with those Google reviews. It is not just a tool for you but a way you can build a safer relationship with your customers, that will help in the successful growth of your business.

2. Engage users

Have you ever thought about why your visitors will stay on your website? Thus, for that it is very important to make the website engaging for your visitors. So, to build user engagement on your website your visitors need to find your product worthy. Here valuable customer reviews do the work. 

Thus, by displaying authentic Google reviews on your website you can make sure that your visitors find your products and services useful. Not only that, embedding the Google review widget on Wix makes it interactive for your visitors to keep them engaged. This will encourage a stronger connection between your business and your audience. 

3. Show satisfied customers

What makes your potential customers think that your products are worth purchasing? Definitely the reviews of your previous customers. Positive reviews of your loyal customers point of strength for your business. Your potential customers will take your products more seriously when they witness your existing customers are satisfied. 

Thus, embedding a Google review widget on the Wix website is the best way to show satisfied customers. This will heavily drive the purchasing decisions of your visitors. Thus, adding Google reviews on Wix can prove to be a total game changer for your business. 


This article has clearly defined that for every modern business integrating Google reviews on the Wix website plays a very vital role. Considering these suggested three top-notch tools of this article businesses can make their embedding process seamless. 

Now that you know about the tools, select the best according to your business preference. And enhance the trust, engagement, and credibility of your website to build a strong customer base. 

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